About Meanderings Magazine

Meanderings Magazine is your travel photography magazine. Thet magazine is available as an online edition here on this website as well as in print or for Kindle through Amazon.

Meanderings Magazine is an ad-free and reader-supported publication. Travel is expensive, as are the tools used to create this magazine. Your support, whether through a subscription to the online edition or the purchase of print and Kindle editions through Amazon, helps to make publication of this magazine possible.

Every issue of Meanderings Magazine features photos of nature and wildlife, as well as background information about the locations. The online edition includes addtional photos and other content not included in the print or Kindle versions due to the cost of printing and distribution for those formats.

Meanderings Magazine was launched in early 2019 with the idea that it would be a zine for Patreon supporters of Two Meander, a travel content partnership between Robert Witham and Debra Dickinson. Due to popular demand, the magazine was made available for purchase on Amazon or through subscription (print and digital). Meanderings Magazine is now a "digital first" publication, but is still available in paperback and for Kindle through Amazon.


Robert Witham
Meanderings Magazine is published by photographer, videographer, and author Robert Witham. Robert travels full-time in a camper van and travel trailer in an ongoing quest to visit America's best places.


Debra Dickinson
Debra Dickinson is an author and YouTube vlogger traveling full-time in a vintage Class C RV. Debra contributes an original, exclusive, travel-themed short story to each issue in addition to occasional photo contributions.